About us

Docopro is your number one source for industrial specifications documents.

Docopro provides document preparation for industries where specifications play an important role. In many cases, specification documents follow standard industry practices, and Docopro provides quality control templates to align with each specification. In other cases, Docopro’s in-house experts use their knowledge and expertise to provide the data for a custom-made specs doc, or to review a document you are preparing for submission.

Whatever you choose, Docopro will save you time and money. And we’ll back up our products with helpful support to answer your questions and make sure you are satisfied.

Docopro is based on first-hand knowledge

Our staff  is subject matter experts in their disciplines and quality controllers out in the field. We know how time-consuming and difficult the process can be. Docopro is specifically designed to answer that challenge.

Docopro serves commercial painting, protective coatings, and…

Currently, Docopro has a complete inventory of templates and specifications for commercial painting and protective coatings. We are developing similar inventory for additional industry sectors – stay tuned!

Docopro serves clients worldwide from our headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. Our support team is a friendly bunch, and may even say “G’day!” when you call. Have a question? Email us!

Docopro is committed to excellence

Docopro constantly strives to improve. We look forward to your feedback. And if you’re happy with our services, please tell your mates!