Terms of Service

For customers requesting custom development or review of documents:

I am authorized to send Docopro the following materials and I authorize Docopro Pty Ltd to develop quality assurance documents using the attached documents as raw data.

  • a) Specification
  • b) Working Procedures (WP)
  • c) Inspection Test Plan (ITP)
  • d) Product/Daily Inspection Form(PIF)
  • e) Certificate of Completion (CoC)
  • f) Other
  • g) Notes

I ask Docopro to evaluate if these documents meet industry standards. If they do meet industry standards, Docopro will charge a standard rate for review. I understand that the standard fee is non-refundable and will represent the costs associated with evaluating and submitting a proposal for approval.

If, however, the documents require revisions in order to meet industry standards, Docopro will advise me of likely additional costs prior to proceeding. I expect a response within 3 business days.

I understand and acknowledge that any and all documentation that Docopro develops is and will remain the property of Docopro, including intellectual and/or industrial property rights of whatever nature and kind anywhere in the world, whether registered, registrable or otherwise, including without limitation patent rights, copyright, design rights, trade marks and other rights under the general law, including all rights, title and interests related thereto and goodwill associated therewith. These documents can then be included within the Docopro catalog for sale.


For customers using our document products;

Docopro documents are produced to meet the requirements of a particular specification or industry practice and are supplied in accordance within the terms and conditions of this website. By purchasing a Docopro document, a customer acknowledges that the customer or an appropriate party within the customer’s organization has reviewed and approved the document and that it complies with the customer’s company standards for risk management, safe work procedures, environmental guidelines, industry best practice and local legislation.

Docopro makes no expressed or implied warrantees by producing its documents, outlining usage or promoting usability. Docopro is not responsible for any acts, omissions, or information withheld by others that have an impact on any project or these documents.

To be checked during checkout and listed on the reverse of each document.